Market Research Recruiting

High quality respondents for actionable insights.

Market Research Recruiting

Providing high quality respondents, when you want them.thing Market Research Recruiting


puzzle orange Market Research Recruiting Strictly Recruiting

Unlike other market research recruiters, we offer recruiting services only. This is our strength, our bread and our butter. This also frees us from any conflict of interest which may arise. However, if you’re looking for a research facility or moderator please contact us for an excellent recommendation.

puzzle blue Market Research Recruiting Personal Assistance

For your convenience someone will always be available outside “regular business hours”. We also understand that answering our phones at 11pm on a Saturday can mean filling your quota and finding that needle in a haystack. Rest assured, you can sleep easy knowing JMRS is on duty.

puzzle green Market Research Recruiting Speed & Accuracy

Our database is full of consumers and professionals across North America who have opted into our list. We keep their information fresh by regularly updating their profile and reaching out. We’re also able to provide our clients with practically any respondent based on a range of demographics, psychographics, and geographics. Our database is constantly expanding.

puzzle red Market Research Recruiting Honesty & Integrity

We’ve grown by providing excellent respondents and nurturing client relationships. This is largely due to training, quality assurance, and hiring honest recruiters who always act in our clients best interests. Our recruiters follow MRA/MRIA best practices and ethical guidelines.

puzzle orange Market Research Recruiting Competitively Priced

Our efficient recruiting processes and internal systems allow us to offer extremely competitive pricing.

Our Recruiting Process

  1. Discovery: Applicants who meet the basic criteria are contacted and asked to complete the pre-screener.
  2. Pre-Screening: Respondents answer project specific questions. This helps weed out those who don’t meet your guidelines.
  3. Secondary-Screening: Respondents speak with an expert recruiter to determine eligibility. This is when our process really tightens up. Only top quality respondents make it through.
  4. Confirmation: We double check answers for consistency and data validity. Respondents who don’t make the cut are disqualified. Those who do qualify are then booked and emailed project details such as location, time, compensation, transportation tips.
  5. Reminder: We personally phone every respondent to ensure they can still attend.