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Paid Focus Groups & Surveys in Toronto

Interested in getting paid for participating in Focus Groups & Surveys around Toronto?

Brands and companies always striving to generate more revenue. One of the best ways they can make more money by improving their product or service is to get the opinions of their ideal consumers. They often do this through holding surveys focus groups.

JMRS works with reputable market research agencies that hold surveys focus groups in Toronto to match them with respondents and participants like yourself. Every research study requires different types of participants who can offer valuable opinions and feedback about their product or service.

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What do Focus Groups and Surveys actually pay?

This is the million dollar question! I wish we could say $400/hr for 8 hours a shot, but the truth is it varies depending on a number of factors. These factors can include your demographic (age/sex/location), the type of study (online survey vs. Focus Group), complexity, duration and more. Paid surveys won’t make you a millionaire, but the majority do pay very well:)

Do I have to pay?

Never! JMRS and our associates will never ask for a dime. If a market research company asks you to pay they are trying to scam you. Please report them to the proper authorities. Since it’s your opinion that holds value, it will always be the company who pays you. You will typically be paid cash upon completion of the study you attend.

When can I participate?

Sometimes a couple months – sometimes the next day. It all depends if you fit the criteria the companies are looking for, your work schedule and more.

Does this count as Employment?

No. Your participation is considered voluntary, to which you receive monetary compensation. This compensation is not reported to any government or tax authority and you don’t have to claim it.

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Toll-Free: 844-284-5489 | Toronto Office: 647-874-1508